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An Exceptional New Approach to Group Fitness, Personal Training, the “GET HIT in 40 minutes Program, Yoga and Pilates in Boca Raton.  We offer Power Plate, Pilates Reformer, GET H.I.T. 40 (High Intensity Training), Spin Fusion, TABATA, PNF-30 (An Assisted Stretching Class), and the New “Triple AAA” (Abs, Arms, and A$$) class!           

                                                                                           Power Plate


Be sure to stop in and try the only Power Plate fitness classes in Boca Raton offered daily. If you haven’t tried a Power Plate class be sure to check it out!


CUTTING EDGE FITNESS OF BOCA RATON FEATURES :                                                  

Assisted Stretching Class

PNF-30 Assisted Stretch Class

-  3000 Square Ft Indoor Group Fitness facility.

-  The Main Studio Features Advanced Small Group Training classes such as GET H.I.T. 40 ( High Intensity Training in 40 minutes),  PNF-30 (An Assisted stretch class in 30 minutes) and Triple AAA (Abs, Arms and A$$)  created by Anna D. (former owner and creator of DIRT FITNESS).   Limited class sizes to 12 to get the Personal Training attention you need!


Pilates Studio fully equipped where each client has their own Reformer and Tower.

Pilates in Boca Raton

Anuttara Raja and Hatha Yoga  These hour and a half Yoga classes will relax the mind and body through meditation exercises and a series of poses, deep breathing and stretching that will increase circulation and release tight muscles; an excellent complement to the vigor of high intensity training.

Tabata Class is a high intensity interval training class using the 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off each exercise method for a certain amount of sets and combinations of full body exercises.

-  Spin Fusion  (Combo of Spinning, core, TRX and weight training), exceptional Cardio classes, Kettlebell training,  Polar Heart Rate Tracking System,  and much more!


Polar Heart Rate Group Monitoring System

-Customized Personal Training programs based on your goals and budget.



- The GET H.I.T. 2 FIT” Program which includes body fat evaluations, (skinfold caliper testing using the Jackson Pollack Method) determining level of fitness, RHR (Resting Heart Rate) and MHR (Maximum Heart Rate) testing, and nutritional guidance followed by food journal checks weekly.

GET HIT Training in Boca Raton

  This incredible workout atmosphere, along with some of South Florida’s top  trainers, ensures that every client not only gets an amazing  workout, but also that they have a great time while pushing themselves to achieve maximum results from each and every class.

This is personal training at an affordable price. There are no monthly membership fees to take classes at Cutting Edge Fitness of Boca Raton.  Clients simply choose to pay by the class or purchase a package of classes for significant savings.  It’s time to invest in your health and well-being.

Get ready for the most intense and unique body sculpting and cardio combination around. This is Boca Raton’s premier indoor boot camp venue. Our fitness studio features the most unique, motivating and cutting edge workout atmosphere in South Florida.

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Cutting Edge Fitness Placed 6th in the Top Ten Best Gym of South Florida! This year we placed 3rd in South Florida and that means Number 1 in Palm Beach! CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE!


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